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My name is Suzanne Sherman.

As we're all aware, preparedness has become extremely popular in the past decade, with millions of Americans tuning in to TV shows, attending conventions, watching videos online, and of course rediscovering the self-reliant skills used in days gone by to thrive and prosper.

Skills I want you to have.

That way you'll feel much more fulfilled, self-sufficient, happier, and (like me) far more prepared.

After all, it can feel extremely overwhelming, trying to locate information that's useful to your specific, unique circumstances.

A problem I met first-hand, a decade ago, when I made my own switch. From the powder keg of LA, to the lush, green hills of Utah.

But it was hard...

At First, Prepping "Right" Felt Impossible


Everywhere I looked:

  • Experts were talking as if I was a fighting-fit member of the military. Instead of a busy (average-fitness) working mom.
  • Essentials, like food, water, and shelter were ditched in exchange for beans, guns, and ammo. Missing what mattered most.
  • Over-complex gadgets were forced on me. Like I needed a $15,000 widget I couldn't afford just to feel safe...
  • And everyday improvements were ignored. As if I had to live in some billionaire bunker to get by.
  • Finally, they were far from beginner friendly. Covering complex topics, I'd never use. Limited to specific geographies. Or assumed I already lived on a homestead.

In short, not ideal...

And with a family in tow, I felt trapped.

So, what's the secret?

How Did I Do It?


By rediscovering the long-lost skills of our forefathers.

After all, they didn't have complex supply chains, advanced technology, stacks of cash, or advanced engineering degrees. But they thrived.

So, why not us?

In a way that:

  • Covers what's essential. Things like food, water, and shelter. Not some fantasy zombie apocalypse.
  • Without a special-forces level of fitness.
  • No expensive, overpriced, or over-engineered widgets needed.
  • Quickly, even with a full-time job.
  • And is, of course, in a way that's beginner friendly. (Yet still useful for preparedness veterans).
  • And zero geographical limits.

Giving us...

A Simple, Proven-to-work Way to prepare for A Crisis

Now, I feel MUCH more self-reliant...

Because, I know, if the "big one" hits, I'm better placed than 99% of people who lack this valuable knowhow.

Thanks to the priceless lessons, tried-and-tested through blood, sweat and tears, of our ingenious forefathers.

Lessons I've distilled into a comprehensive, easy-to follow guide called:

'The Lost Frontier Handbook'.

That way, those who have it won't have to struggle like I did.

Because I can honestly say if I'd had this book ten years ago, I would have saved me a lot of pain.

It might have cut years from my journey and certainly saved me a lot of cash.

That's because the tips, shortcuts, and techniques locked inside are based on what works, for everyday people, and not some millionaire's daydream, or the whim of some hippy hermit.

I mean it, Campfire

If I Can Do It So Can You

I started from nothing...

Leaving my legal practice for a better life.

And I don't regret a thing.

The Lost Frontier Handbook is a comprehensive compilation of skills and techniques designed to help you and your family live a life of self-reliance. Where you'll uncover secrets, like how to grow your own food and preserve it like the pioneers did; make household cleaning products from scratch; to garden and raise enough food to feed a family; and use every part of an animal. Not just the meat. And many more skills too numerous to count.

Even my kids loved it!

And I hope you do too.

Thank you for reading,


The Lost Frontier Handbook



  • How to preserve food the old-fashioned way, including: canning, salting, dehydrating, pickling, smoking and more.
  • How to filter water using only what's in your yard.
  • Where free land can be had in the USA.
  • How to make non-addictive "frontier morphine" and 45 more powerful remedies lost to history.
  • 75 items that'll soon outvalue gold in a disaster.
  • The very best long-lasting "forever foods", including a Viking staple with a 3-year shelf life, how to make pocket-portable soup, and the Native American "sweet meat" that can last for 100 years.
  • And more...


More About Suzanne:

Radio personality, author and educator, Suzanne is always willing to lend a hand and share her thoughts. Whether it's on politics, preparedness, or something else entirely...

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A fan of preparedness ever since she quit in her legal work and moved to the "badlands "of Utah Suzanne's no rooky when it comes to off-grid living. Experiencing many bumps along the way. Including several so-called "experts" completely missed. Like how to make your own baby food from homemade produce, start your own egg business (without chickens!), and even how to hunt, tan and serve tasty wild elk, fresh off the land. Much of which she covers in her Red Hot Chilly Prepper Podcast you can find here...

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Radio Personality

A political animal, Suzanne isn't shy with her thoughts. Many of which she freely shares on her popular radio show, The Wasatch Report. So why not join the thousands who already follow her? Featuring everything from current events, exclusive guest star interviews, special report exposes, and a whole lot more.

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An accomplished author, blogger, and presenter Suzanne has an insightful voice and prolific work ethic sure to enhance any platform. Having featured on such well-known sites as Survivopedia, Askaprepper, The Crusade Channel, PolitiPrep, and at speaking events like PrepperCon. So, why not get in touch today? Whether it's for a blog post or a full-blown novel. Or check out Suzanne's latest work by clicking below.

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